Investigator Casts Focus on Insolvency Cases


Bettina Kuntz, CFE
Grant Thorton UK LLC

Bettina Kuntz, CFE, is an executive in the fraud insolvency division at Grant Thornton UK LLP. Since joining the ACFE in 2009, she has built her network of fraud experts and sought out training on the latest types of fraud schemes. Kuntz said this has helped her keep up-to-date with the fraud investigation community worldwide and anticipate new types of fraud encountered by clients.

What does your job involve on a daily basis? 

I work for the team at Grant Thornton UK LLP that specializes in forensic work, asset tracing and recovery. My work involves managing forensic investigation and contentious insolvency cases using the powers granted under the Insolvency Act 1986.

What types of cases do you investigate? 

My portfolio of cases includes a range of high profile instructions with a cross border aspect. These include, for example, the liquidation of Madoff Securities International Limited, bankruptcies, proceeds of crime cases and court appointed receiverships involving assets tracing assignments in France, Luxembourg, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Morocco, BVI and the USA. Most recently, I have assisted with the court appointed receivership of Boris Berezovsky.

When did you decide to pursue the CFE credential?

It was recommended to me by a colleague. She suggested I undertake the training as a way to gain technical skills and validate my experience in the field of fraud investigation. She described it to me as a ground breaking qualification with a growing network of members worldwide. Grant Thornton is very supportive of individual initiative for staff development, so I ordered the CFE Exam Prep Course and was the first employee to complete my CFE exams.

What do you do when you’re not at work? 

I split my time between hot yoga, golf, Mandarin Chinese lessons and completing a master in law in dispute resolution. I also visit my hometown of Strasbourg in Alsace, on a regular basis.

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