Blog Submissions

ACFE Insights is always looking for guest bloggers to submit posts on the latest anti-fraud trends and topics. From data analytics to investigations, some of the industry's top experts have shared their insights on the ACFE's blog. 

The following information is typically featured in a blog post:

  • Blogs are approximately 400-500 words

  • A professional photo of the guest blogger may be posted with blog

  • All sources or links are included in the body of the blog (no footnotes)

Here are a few examples of potential post themes:

  • Case studies: any case study or investigation you can share with lessons learned.

  • Checklists: this can be in the form of “The Top 5 Ways to…” or "The No. 1 Must-Have...".

  • Any kind of personal insight or exclusive look into a topic or field.

  • Use a recent news story and provide commentary on it.

  • Tell a story. The news, company websites and marketing materials are all full of facts and data. In the blogs on ACFE Insights, we are telling a story. We are sharing something that could help people in their roles as anti-fraud professionals.

If you are interested in submitting a blog post or learning more, please email Courtney Howell, ACFE Community Manager, at