Make Your Own Luck at the ACFE Global Fraud Conference


Katharine Bosworth
ACFE Human Resources Specialist

Three years ago I had the luckiest break of my working life. I had been spending hours each day applying to jobs online while also waiting tables to pay my bills. Even though I had interviews regularly I still hadn’t landed a worthwhile position. I was educated and I was qualified, but I was competing with more than 100 other people just like me.

Then one day at lunch I waited on Jim Ratley, ACFE President and CEO. We chatted during his meal, and by the end of it he asked me if I was looking for a job. I took his business card, called the ACFE and never looked back.

If I had applied to the same job without talking to Jim I probably would have looked like any other applicant. Instead, I stood out because I made an impression on him.

This is just the sort of opportunity that the Career Connection at the 25th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference provides job seekers — the chance to stand out from the crowd and connect with recruiters and employers from the industry’s leading organizations who are actively seeking to fill positions. Featured employers come ready to accept résumés, discuss job openings and informally interview candidates. At the conference, you will find a group of recruiters and hiring managers actively seeking anti-fraud professionals all in one place. So, rather than blend into endless online applications, come to the conference ready to make an impression on decision-makers.  

The Career Connection also makes taking the next step in your career easy. Get résumé advice, practice your interview skills in a mock interview, attend career advice presentations and meet employers without leaving the Exhibit Hall. Even if you’re not looking for a new employer, career coaching is available to help you keep your career path advancing and improving.

Before I started at the ACFE, I wasted hours applying on websites and daydreaming about having a job just fall in my lap. I lucked out this time, but I would never rely on this again. Don’t let this be your strategy (unless you know where Jim likes to eat lunch).

I look forward to seeing you at the ACFE Global Fraud Conference in San Antonio, Texas, June 15-20, 2014.