ACFE Report to Members: A Look Back at 2011


Scott Patterson
ACFE Media Relations Specialist

At the end of every year, we sit down and put together our Report to Members. It’s a time to reflect on the ACFE’s success over the past 12 months and measure organizational growth and benefits for our members. From a development standpoint, it’s a creative time to design what we hope is a compelling and engaging publication that will inspire readers and get them as enthusiastic about the year ahead as we are.

This year, we tried something new. We compiled the ACFE’s biggest accomplishments of 2011 and mapped them out chronologically, from quarter to quarter. The 2011 Report to Members truly became a “Year in Review.” From the debut of our Advisory Council in January to the release of “Inside the Fraudster’s Mind” in December, the Report takes you on a journey through a year of successes and milestones in our mission to provide the best training and resources in the fight against fraud worldwide. The new, International Fraud Awareness Week, and new seminars and resources are just a few of the highlights covered in the Report.

One major aspect of creating the Report is selecting a theme. In this case, the choice, “Growing Your Global Network,” became obvious because of the networking opportunities provided through our international conferences, social communities, Advisory Council and Corporate Alliance.

Readers of our previous Report to Members will recall a new feature: a clickable video interview with an ACFE member. I really like this multimedia highlight, and we made sure to include one again this year -- an interview with Ronnie Booth, CFE. Booth, assistant auditor general for the U.S. Naval Audit Service, sat down with the ACFE during our 22nd Annual Fraud Conference and Exhibition to talk about his experience as an anti-fraud professional and a CFE.

We also included two great member profiles: Andy Egloff, CFE, fraud investigations manager for EMEA, Dow Europe GmbH, Horgen in Switzerland; and Grace Corbett, CFE, BSA, director of risk management for Sun East Federal Credit Union in Pennsylvania. We think you will find things in common with these two professionals in their efforts as career fraud fighters.

I hope you’ll enjoy this reflection on 2011 as much as we enjoyed creating it. Here’s to all we accomplished together in 2011, and to even more success in 2012.

Thank You to the ACFE Advisory Council


James D. Ratley, CFE
ACFE President and CEO

What began as a single idea I tossed around to staff here at the ACFE a little more than a year ago has now become one of our most valuable resources. Today, I am proud to say the ACFE Advisory Council, a council of fraud-fighting experts dedicated to the improvement and growth of the ACFE, has grown to almost 300 members.

Thanks to the valuable and knowledgeable input we received via surveys and emails over the last year, the Council helped us make important decisions regarding the style and usability of the new, provided feedback for the Auditing for Internal Fraud and Healthcare Fraud course materials and responded candidly to questions on how we can make our conferences more beneficial. And, that is just to name a few of the ways the Council participated.

I mentioned in my No. 1 New Year's resolution blog post that we hope to continue to grow the Advisory Council this year. We want to ensure we are hearing from as many members as possible about the ideas and resources we offer here at the ACFE. Because our membership spans continents, cultures, professions and expertise, it is vital to the fight against fraud that we get what we need to provide the best education and training possible.

I would like to personally thank each member of the ACFE Advisory Council and recognize the efforts, time and guidance you have provided us in this first year. I look forward to another exciting year at the ACFE and with the Advisory Council.

I encourage you to find more information and apply to the Advisory Council here.

Let the Countdown Begin: The ACFE’s 2012 New Year’s Resolutions


Mandy Moody
ACFE Social Media Specialist

Last year we posted our top five ACFE New Year’s resolutions to give you an idea of what was to come in the year ahead. We are happy to continue this tradition and share the initiatives we are most excited about implementing in 2012. We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into what we plan to be another record-breaking year at the ACFE.

#5: Grow the ACFE Advisory Council

What began as an idea from ACFE President and CEO James D. Ratley, CFE, last January has now grown into one of our most powerful tools. The ACFE Advisory Council boasts more than 250 members worldwide, and thanks to the time and effort of these members we have received vital feedback regarding course materials, website design and content, conference topics and much more. While the Advisory Council has already made a lasting impact on various ACFE resources, we hope to increase the Council even more in 2012. Read more about the Advisory Council and apply for membership here.

#4: Continue to Provide New and Relevant Anti-Fraud Education

Unfortunately, fraudulent schemes and trends will follow us into 2012. To keep you ahead of the game, we have added new courses, events and seminars. Some of the new educational offerings are:

Using Data Analytics to Detect Fraud: Attend this one-day course offered this March or November to learn data analytics tests that can be used to detect various fraud schemes

Self-Study Video
Inside the Fraudster’s Mind: Get an inside look at the fraudster’s mind, exploring psychological information and examining 10 common critical thinking errors displayed by fraudsters

Online Course
Marketing Your Fraud Examination Practice: This three-hour online course available now will help you develop a marketing strategy for your practice

Corruption Casebook: Look for this collection of case studies written by ACFE members about corruption investigations in which they’ve taken part this June

We are looking forward to an exciting 2012. Stay tuned tomorrow as we continue our countdown with the ACFE’s No. 3 New Year’s Resolution.