Let the Countdown Begin: The ACFE’s 2012 New Year’s Resolutions


Mandy Moody
ACFE Social Media Specialist

Last year we posted our top five ACFE New Year’s resolutions to give you an idea of what was to come in the year ahead. We are happy to continue this tradition and share the initiatives we are most excited about implementing in 2012. We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into what we plan to be another record-breaking year at the ACFE.

#5: Grow the ACFE Advisory Council

What began as an idea from ACFE President and CEO James D. Ratley, CFE, last January has now grown into one of our most powerful tools. The ACFE Advisory Council boasts more than 250 members worldwide, and thanks to the time and effort of these members we have received vital feedback regarding course materials, website design and content, conference topics and much more. While the Advisory Council has already made a lasting impact on various ACFE resources, we hope to increase the Council even more in 2012. Read more about the Advisory Council and apply for membership here.

#4: Continue to Provide New and Relevant Anti-Fraud Education

Unfortunately, fraudulent schemes and trends will follow us into 2012. To keep you ahead of the game, we have added new courses, events and seminars. Some of the new educational offerings are:

Using Data Analytics to Detect Fraud: Attend this one-day course offered this March or November to learn data analytics tests that can be used to detect various fraud schemes

Self-Study Video
Inside the Fraudster’s Mind: Get an inside look at the fraudster’s mind, exploring psychological information and examining 10 common critical thinking errors displayed by fraudsters

Online Course
Marketing Your Fraud Examination Practice: This three-hour online course available now will help you develop a marketing strategy for your practice

Corruption Casebook: Look for this collection of case studies written by ACFE members about corruption investigations in which they’ve taken part this June

We are looking forward to an exciting 2012. Stay tuned tomorrow as we continue our countdown with the ACFE’s No. 3 New Year’s Resolution.