5 Ways to Stay Up to Date on Anti-Fraud News and Resources


Ross Pry, CFE
ACFE Membership Director

In the almost seven years that I have been with the ACFE I have enjoyed a lot of “firsts.” I have gotten married, bought a house and earlier this month celebrated my daughter’s first birthday. Through her first year of life, I’ve been fortunate enough to see what pure joy looks like, and it was on full display as she devoured her birthday cake. With icing covering her hands, face and even the wispy hairs on the back of her head I was reminded of how much fun it is to experience something new.

I recently became the Director of Membership and am excited to be back in the department where I “first” got my start. We strive to provide members with great benefits and, as a staff, we are always looking to improve the member experience. With our members in mind, we have recently created the following new benefits:

  • Free webinars: This past year, we hosted seven free hour-long webinars for members to earn CPE credit. You can listen to the archives here. We have also recently launched free career-related webinars through the ACFE Career Center.
  • Free white papers: Industry-leading companies provide us with white papers that cover a variety of topics, including industry-specific trends, case studies on famous frauds and new technology to help in the fight against fraud. Check the Fraud Magazine website regularly updated white papers.
  • Podcasts: The ACFE just launched Fraud Talk, interviews with the industry’s leading experts addressing fraud issues, providing insight on case studies and new tools to aid in the detection and prevention of fraud. You can listen to the podcast online, or download it as an MP3 file. Bookmark this page and check back monthly for updated content. 
  • Resource library: For a centralized location of ACFE resources, click here for videos, publications, reports, sample documents and tools. The ACFE also publishes reports like the 2012 Report to the Nations and the Compensation Guide.
  • Training materials: We recently created an employee training program for CFEs to teach about common types of fraud, the warning signs of fraud and what to do if employees suspect fraud. Fraud’s Hidden Cost to You and Your Organization is a downloadable training video, workbook and slide set to help educate employees about fraud.

We look forward to continuing to serve and support our members with their careers, and as the ACFE continues to grow so does our focus and commitment to members.

Thank You to the ACFE Advisory Council


James D. Ratley, CFE
ACFE President and CEO

What began as a single idea I tossed around to staff here at the ACFE a little more than a year ago has now become one of our most valuable resources. Today, I am proud to say the ACFE Advisory Council, a council of fraud-fighting experts dedicated to the improvement and growth of the ACFE, has grown to almost 300 members.

Thanks to the valuable and knowledgeable input we received via surveys and emails over the last year, the Council helped us make important decisions regarding the style and usability of the new ACFE.com, provided feedback for the Auditing for Internal Fraud and Healthcare Fraud course materials and responded candidly to questions on how we can make our conferences more beneficial. And, that is just to name a few of the ways the Council participated.

I mentioned in my No. 1 New Year's resolution blog post that we hope to continue to grow the Advisory Council this year. We want to ensure we are hearing from as many members as possible about the ideas and resources we offer here at the ACFE. Because our membership spans continents, cultures, professions and expertise, it is vital to the fight against fraud that we get what we need to provide the best education and training possible.

I would like to personally thank each member of the ACFE Advisory Council and recognize the efforts, time and guidance you have provided us in this first year. I look forward to another exciting year at the ACFE and with the Advisory Council.

I encourage you to find more information and apply to the Advisory Council here.