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Report Writing Manual

The ACFE Bookstore offers hundreds of resources including books and manuals, self-study CPE courses, the CFE Exam Prep Course, merchandise and more. In this interview, Laura Hymes, CFE, Managing Editor of the ACFE’s Research Department, offers her suggestion on one must-have ACFE resource to help you in your fight against fraud.

What is your professional background and current role at the ACFE?

I have a background in book publishing with experience in both the editorial and production sides of the industry. Currently I am the Managing Editor of the ACFE’s Research Department. In this role I ensure the quality and editorial standards of the material we publish and assist in the creation of new products.

What ACFE bookstore product would you recommend as a beneficial resource to CFEs?

I would recommend the ACFE’s Report Writing Manual for CFEs working in any field.

Why would CFEs be interested in this product?

At some point in their careers, CFEs will inevitably be tasked with writing a report after completing an investigation, and many examiners dread this final step in the process. Whether they have extensive writing experience or haven’t done much since English 101 in college, CFEs can find valuable information and ideas to boost their confidence and writing skills in the Report Writing Manual.

How is the information in this product useful for CFEs in their professional roles?

The Report Writing Manual discusses different types of reports that CFEs might have to write in their professional roles, as well as how to assess target audience members and plan the report based on what they expect. Important legal issues to consider when writing a report are also addressed, and the manual ends with a helpful section of basic tips and suggestions to improve writing skills.

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