New and Free Resources for International Fraud Awareness Week, November 11-17


International Fraud Awareness Week officially kicks off this Sunday, November 11. As a dedicated time to spread fraud awareness, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to reach out to members in your community to educate them about fraud and what you do as an anti-fraud professional.

To help you spread as much fraud awareness as possible, we’ve created a number of great new resources for this year. Here’s a look at some of these free, new tools you can use to educate your coworkers, family, friends and community members about how to prevent and detect fraud:

  • Test Your Fraud Knowledge — Test your knowledge of some of the ways fraudsters commit their crimes with this interactive quiz. You can take it yourself, or gather some peers and challenge each other to see who knows the most.

  • Share Explainer Videos — Watch and share our explainer videos: “What does fraud mean to you,” "What is identity theft?," "How is money laundered?," "Why do people commit fraud?" and "What does a fraudster look like?" These videos are available for free and can be embedded in social media, news stories or webpages.

  • Show Your Support in Your Email — What better way to show that you won’t stand for fraud than to declare it in your everyday communications? We have a new badge (see image in article) that you can add to your email signature or post on social media or websites. (Simply right click on the photo and save it to your desktop.)

  • Spread Cold, Hard Facts — One of the best ways to show how important fraud prevention and education can be is to use the data the ACFE has collected. This year we have created a new infographic highlighting the most common behavioral red flags of fraud.

Sign up today as an official support of Fraud Week! You can find all of these resources, and more ideas of ways to spread fraud awareness, at