5 Ways to Connect with Other Fraud Fighters on Social Media During Fraud Week 2017


Sarah Hofmann
ACFE Public Information Officer

One of the great things about International Fraud Awareness Week, beginning next week, is seeing how it brings fraud fighters together as they spread fraud awareness in their communities. In that spirit, we want to connect with each one of you on social media this Fraud Week. Here are some of the ways you can connect with us and your peers during this week of fraud awareness:

  1. Answer new trivia questions every day — We will be posting a new trivia question Monday-Friday on the ACFE’s Facebook page and Instagram account. Challenge your peers and see who can be the first one to comment and guess the correct answer! The answer to each question will be shared later in the day.
  2. Join the ACFE’s first Fraud Week Twitter chatJoin us on Tuesday, November 14, at 11 a.m. CST to participate in our first-ever Fraud Week Twitter chat. Our topic is “You discovered fraud — now what?” and we want to hear your best tips and methods for handling a fraud once it’s discovered. Learn how to participate.
  3. Share the latest resources — We’re adding a new video to our sharable videos library on how fraudsters launder money. This basic primer is perfect to share on your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts so you can educate your clients, friends and family on how embezzled money is cleaned by fraudsters. We will also share a new podcast on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and posting a new blog.
  4. Tell your peers what you’re doing in the ACFE’s members-only community — We will be checking in with how your Fraud Week efforts are going all week in the ACFE community. Share tips and ideas for spreading fraud awareness with your ACFE peers. You may even get inspired to adopt a new approach for next year!
  5. Tag all your #fraudweek posts with the official hashtag — We will be retweeting, reposting and sharing everything supporters are doing during the week on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The easiest way for us to find your great posts is for you to add the #fraudweek hashtag or tag the ACFE’s account in your post.

For more ideas on what supporters are doing for Fraud Week, check out the Fraud Week events page. We look forward to seeing and sharing all the great things supporters like you are doing during this week, and encourage you to connect and engage with other anti-fraud professionals!