CFEs Earn 25% More Than Non-Certified Counterparts


Ross Pry, CFE
ACFE Membership Director

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The ACFE recently released the 2013/2014 Compensation Guide for Anti-Fraud Professionals and a Salary Calculator for you to compare your compensation against that of your peers.  These new resources from the ACFE will provide you with the ammunition you need to show those around you just how valuable you really are.  

The Salary Calculator is a new feature allowing you to create individualized reports based on three important factors: industry, level of responsibility and job function. Of course, there are more determining factors to take into consideration when comparing your salary to a number on a graph (such as experience in the field, size and type of company and additional credentials), but it will definitely provide you with a functional framework.

In addition to a new calculator, a global salary survey was conducted by independent research group, Industry Insights Inc., and completed by 5,486 anti-fraud professionals worldwide. The findings are consistent with previous surveys and show there is a significant pay advantage for those who earn the CFE credential. Overall, the median total compensation for CFEs is 25 percent higher than non-CFEs:


To view the full report (PDF) click here, and don’t forget to write yourself a note to “Check ACFE’s Salary Center” before your next review or interview.