CFE Authors New Financial Thriller


Mandy Moody, CFE
ACFE Social Media Specialist 

Below is my interview about the first fiction book to be added to the ACFE Bookstore. Hope you enjoy!

What is your professional background and current role at the ACFE?

I began my career post-college as a newspaper reporter and quickly transitioned into a content writer and marketer for a small executive coaching firm in Austin, Texas. As a content writer, I began to dabble in social media marketing and taught myself the ins and outs of a trend I knew was destined to explode. My love for social media blossomed about the time that Facebook launched when I was in college, and I never dreamed I would be able to do social media marketing as a career. I am currently the ACFE’s Social Media Specialist. I am responsible for moderating, growing and nurturing the ACFE’s online presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, as well as edit and manage our two online blogs.

What ACFE bookstore product would you recommend as a beneficial resource to CFEs?

I read the new financial thriller, The Navigator, by one of our members, Michael Pocalyko, CFE and CEO of Monticello Capital. While this book is fiction, it absolutely resonates with the many situations fraud investigators find themselves in when they are unraveling cases full of mystery, loose ends, endless amounts of data and, of course, evasive witnesses. While this book may not exactly be considered a form of CPE or a reference publication, it is a wonderful read about the dangers of knowing too much information, quantifying that information and ultimately using data to find the truth.

Why would CFEs be interested in this product?

CFEs will enjoy this book because it is a story detailing many of the intricacies of a financial fraud investigation that spans decades. The characters, while fictional and dramatized, are the protagonists, antagonists and foils CFEs encounter in audits, examinations, interviews and investigations. In a profession that calls for a heightened amount of curiosity and imagination, as well as an acute attention to meaningful details, CFEs will definitely relate to the personalities and conflicts the author developed.

As one of the few fiction novels the ACFE sells, why do you find this type of book valuable?

This type of book is valuable because no matter how busy we are, how many balls we have in the air at one time, how many concurrent projects are open on our desktops, there is always time for a guilty pleasure. This book reads like a blockbuster movie, and for those people out there who question the excitement and intrigue surrounding fraud investigations, they are in for a delightful surprise.

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