What’s on Your Horizon?

3 Ways to Network and Advance Your Anti-Fraud Career in 2011

For anti-fraud professionals, looking ahead is not only smart from a career perspective — it is essential for being successful at fighting fraud. From the con artist who commits fraud for a living to the office manager who rationalizes his/her latest theft, fraud perpetrators and their methods are always evolving. It is imperative to remain up-to-date with the latest techniques and the ever-changing M.O.s of fraudsters.

Here are 3 Ways to Network and Advance Your Anti-Fraud Career in 2011:

1. Attend a Global Fraud Conference

Whether you are in the United States, Europe or Canada, make it a priority to attend one of the ACFE’s annual fraud conferences. These conferences not only feature the latest training and education, but they are where the true networking between CFEs and other anti-fraud professionals take place; networking that might lead to a break in your next investigation.

2. Get Your CFE Credential

The ACFE has revamped the course that can help you earn your Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) credential this year. For more than nine months, a team composed of ACFE staff from every department worked together to make the All-New 2011 CFE Exam Prep Course more user-friendly. Thanks to the comments and suggestions from past test takers, every improvement, tweak and upgrade was made with future test-takers in mind.

3. Earn CPE Credits with New and Updated Courses

The ACFE’s newest course, “Fraud Risk Management,” couldn't come at a better time. In this course, Sheila Keefe, CFE, CPA, and principal at BDR Advisors LLC, will help you develop a fraud risk management program, establish an anti-fraud culture and instill monitoring tools and controls.

We have also updated “Investigating on the Internet” to include ways to locate information on the Internet and leverage online resources through social media, public records and databases.

For a complete listing of anti-fraud resources, download the latest Anti-Fraud Resource Guide here.