Corporate Investigator Uses CFE to Drive Boeing’s Ethics Culture


David P. Mills, CFE, PCI
Senior Manager, Corporate Investigations, Office of Internal Governance, Boeing

For David P. Mills, CFE, PCI, Senior Manager of Corporate Investigations for the Office of Internal Governance, the thrill of the chase is just as exciting now as it was 15 years ago when he first began investigating fraud. But Mills’ experience isn’t just in the numbers. Through his CFE certification, he has gained respect, ethics and compliance credibility, and a competitive edge in the elusive, yet constantly evolving fraud-detection industry.

Describe your job function (a day in the life of):

In this role I have oversight of investigative activity regarding employee (and non-employee) compliance with company policies, federal laws and regulations, state statutes and international law across the enterprise.

What made you decide to become a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and how has earning the CFE credential benefitted you in your career?

It is a recognized professional certification that is gaining acceptance across a variety of investigative disciplines. I do not believe it is exclusively linked to financial crimes in the manner it used to be. It has added a great deal of credibility to the roles of me and my staff. I believe it has had a direct influence on my performance reviews and promotional considerations.

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