The ACFE Celebrates International Women's Day 2019


Mandy Moody, CFE
ACFE Content Manager

Today, March 8, the ACFE is proud to recognize more than 30,000 female anti-fraud professionals in honor of International Women's Day. We created a page on our website to share articles, resources and profiles of the women dedicating their time to fighting fraud. I also wanted to share a few of the quotes and stories we heard from women over the past year.

Thank you for your work and for your invaluable contribution to the global fight against fraud.

"To those starting out in the fraud-fighting field: find your passion. Keep digging if you think something smells suspicious. Never stop learning and attend as many trainings, conferences, industry events as possible — fraudsters know how to network, and so should you." - Johanna Duenser-Mardook, CFE, vice president, business initiative fraud policy manager at Citi

"My father, who was a police officer, and my mother, who worked in the dry-cleaning business, were strong influences in my life. They motivated me to ensure lawbreakers were held accountable, while understanding the importance of treating people with respect." - Victoria Rodriguez, CFE, investigator at Texas Mutual Insurance

"My passion for fighting fraud is connected to my passion for fighting injustice, protecting potential victims, helping survivors/victims, learning more about offender typologies and helping to “set things right.” I have always been the “you can’t do that to people” type of person. I learned that fraud, though I did not know what it was called at first, is just another form of injustice." - Dr. Tonisha Pinckney, CFE, founder at Revelatus Specialized Accounting and Consulting, LCC

Read more about the women in the anti-fraud profession and share your own achievements below in the comment section. Happy International Women's Day!