District Attorney Looks Ahead to New Career in Private Sector


Douglas Lowe, CFE
Palestine, Texas

Douglas Lowe, CFE, has served as Anderson County Criminal District Attorney (D.A.) for 16 years. He is based in Palestine, Texas, where he worked in private practice as a certified personal injury trial lawyer prior to becoming a D.A. Recently, Lowe decided to become a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), and he earned the credential this spring after attending the Phoenix, Arizona CFE Exam Review Course.

Becoming a CFE was a natural choice for Lowe after his work as a D.A. stirred a passion for fighting fraud. 

“Through my work as District Attorney I have seen the cost of fraud to our community,” Lowe said. “There may not be a ‘fraud tax,’ but the losses to consumers, businesses and taxpayers are unreasonable and drain resources.”

Lowe added that part of the draw to this type of work is the challenge posed by fraudsters, and the satisfaction that comes from foiling their schemes.

“White-collar criminals can be very ingenious and creative in finding the weak spots in financial systems,” Lowe said. “I enjoy the challenge in identifying the scheme and then bringing them to justice.”

These days, change is in the air for Lowe, and he looks ahead to returning to his own practice.

“After being District Attorney for 16 years, I am excited about moving [back] to the private sector,” Lowe said. “I want to continue fighting fraud and being involved with companies, governments and individuals who want to minimize their losses due to white-collar crime.”

Lowe said that being a CFE will help him immensely in his future fraud fighting.

“I have tried numerous white-collar crime cases, but the CFE certification will enhance my credibility and strengthen my skills,” Lowe said. “I feel confident the CFE certification will help expand my client base and open doors to opportunities that otherwise would not be accessible.”

When he’s not bringing bad guys to justice, Lowe stays busy coaching his daughter’s YMCA all-girls soccer team: “We don’t win that many games, but we have fun and look snappy in our uniforms.”

“I also like remodeling, home improvement projects and physical fitness, especially weight training,” Lowe said.

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