What Do Hiring Managers Want in a Job Candidate?


Confessions of a Hiring Manager 2.0

The ACFE Bookstore offers hundreds of resources including books and manuals, self-study CPE courses, the CFE Exam Prep Course, merchandise and more. In this interview, LaDonna Wernli, CFE, SPHR, CBP, ACFE Human Resources Manager, offers her suggestion on one must-have ACFE resource to help you in your anti-fraud career.

What is your professional background and current role at the ACFE?

My background is in management, training and human resources. Currently, I am the Human Resources Manager for the ACFE; in this role, I am responsible for the HR processes in the organization.

What ACFE bookstore product would you recommend as a beneficial resource to CFEs?

Confessions of a Hiring Manager 2.0 is an excellent resource for CFEs who are looking to transition careers, begin a job search and land a new position.

Why would CFEs be interested in this product?

Donn LeVie, Jr. provides the ultimate guide for properly positioning yourself for a job offer. This book offers the job seeker the perspective of the hiring manager and gives the hiring manager tools to ensure that they are selecting the best candidates. From cover letters to compensation negotiations, and from résumé structure to interviewing strategy, this book covers it all.

How is the information in this product useful for CFEs in their professional roles?

This book might not be geared to CFEs in particular, however at some point most of us will find ourselves in the position of either the hiring manager or job candidate. Confessions of a Hiring Manager 2.0 offers practical insight for both.

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