Supporting International Chapters


James D. Ratley, CFE
ACFE President and CEO

At the end of October and beginning of November, I spent a whirlwind two weeks attending our Asia-Pac Conference in Singapore and meeting with our chapters in Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Mexico City. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know many of you and learning about your unique fraud-related issues.

Everywhere I went I met extremely gracious people who did everything they could for us. My job was to listen carefully to their suggestions for improving our services.

The first stop was to vibrant and beautiful Singapore — my first visit and also the first time the city has hosted our 2011 Asia-Pacific Fraud Conference (formerly known as the ACFE Pacific-Rim Fraud Conference). Nearly 200 attendees networked and attended workshops and panel discussions. 

I enjoyed meeting Gatot Trihargo, CFE, president of the Indonesia Chapter (established in 2002), who provided the same generous hospitality I encountered with other chapters. He was appreciative of the ACFE’s effort to send me there. I presented to nearly 80 members and public- and private-sector guests.

"Chapter activity has become very intense since 2010, by us conducting monthly discussions/workshops for the members and other practitioners," Trihargo said. "The chapter also successfully conducted two annual congresses and seminars in 2010 and 2011, which gathered more than 200 participants for each session, with both domestic and international speakers."

After Jakarta, I jetted off to Hong Kong, with its exotic mix of the old and new. "We’re excited that the ACFE is turning its attention to Asia," said Hong Kong chapter president Penny Sui-Ping Fung, CFE. "Jim’s visit to Hong Kong no doubt has helped to reinforce this message and reminded people of the role of professional fraud examiners in a robust and sustainable economy."

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