Leading by Example the Most Compelling Argument


UN Under-Secretary-General of the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) and keynote speaker at the ACFE European Fraud Conference, 25-27 March in London

The UN’s Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) cites transparency and accountability as essential to the work of the organization. What is the importance of these characteristics to anti-fraud professionals?

The United Nations is a global body carrying out the work defined by representatives of its 193 Member States. All Member States, and indeed the people they represent, are entitled to understand how well the organization is working. This includes access to audit and oversight reports that demonstrate how OIOS uses its allocated resources to strengthen the organization and ensure accountability for actions taken -- or not taken -- to deliver its results. Anti-fraud professionals should also be transparent regarding how our work is done, and be prepared to be held likewise accountable for upholding standards in the conduct of our work. Leading by example conveys a message that is much more compelling than any argument.

What is unique about the group of fraud-fighters you will address in London?

Interestingly, we all would like to believe our particular challenges are unique, and in some ways they certainly are. Nevertheless, this group acknowledges that we can all learn from the experiences of others, and these lessons help us all become more effective at fighting fraud and corruption when we are inspired to apply them back on the job.

What do you most hope attendees will take away from your address?

I hope attendees will have a better appreciation for the importance of the work of the United Nations, and the responsibility we all have towards the global community in which we are all participants. We can never turn a blind eye to fraud and corruption if we aim to collectively raise the bar on integrity.

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