Speakers Announced for ACFE Asia-Pacific Fraud Conference



Kevin Taparauskas, CFE

ACFE Director of Marketing and Events

For me, weekends in the fall are hallowed ground. To pull me away from my beloved Texas Longhorn football games (that’s American football for you folks across the pond) and tailgates, it takes something truly big. 

That “big something” this October is the first-ever ACFE Asia-Pacific Fraud Conference that I will be attending. The Asia-Pacific region has been one of our fastest-growing areas for the last several years, and we felt it was important to have a more visible presence there. We have a very enthusiastic chapter in Singapore and decided to make it the home for this inaugural conference.

The program is now complete, and it is a good one. Allan Bachman, the ACFE Education Manager, has worked hard to include a diverse group of speakers from within the region as well as outside of it.  

A few highlights are:

Aedit Abdullah – Singapore established a new Economic Crimes and Governance Division in January 2011. Abdullah was selected to lead this division created to combat financial crimes.

Cynthia Hetherington – Consistently one of the ACFE’s highest-rated faculty members, Hetherington led this same session at the ACFE Annual Fraud Conference and Exhibition in San Diego in June to a standing room only Pre-Conference group of more than 400.

James D. Ratley – Jim really wanted to speak at this event (as well as at several other stops on his trip) to meet members and get a first-hand view of the challenges unique to this region.

Mark Steward – Steward leads the enforcement division for the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. We’ll get to hear about the breaking securities fraud schemes and developments on insider trading and other market manipulations.

You can find the full lineup here.

The city and Marina Bay Sands hotel both look amazing, and I can’t wait to go – even if I have to miss a football game or two (Can I get ESPN over there?). If you will be attending the conference as well, please drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.