Year in Review: ACFE Publishes 2010 Report to Members



Scott Patterson, ACFE Media Relations Specialist

The ACFE’s Report to Members is one of the publications I really enjoy working on every year. The Report to Members is unique because it is one of the few opportunities we have to look back, reflect on endeavors and successes, and works-in-progress. The theme of this year’s Report is “Leading the Profession: 2010 in Review,” which I find appropriate because the ACFE truly is the leader in fraud training and resources. Our membership grew by almost 10 percent in 2010, and we now have members in more than 150 countries, an amazing feat considering the difficult economic times.

What the Report is really about, though, is looking at the things the ACFE has done (and is doing) to support our members and remain in this position of leadership. The benefits we provide make joining the ACFE one of the best decisions an anti-fraud professional can make. The letter in the Report from our president and CEO, James D. Ratley, CFE, mentions many of these initiatives. The new Fraud Magazine website; an improved CFE Exam Prep Course®; online chat with member representatives; the new 2010 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse and Compensation Guide for Anti-Fraud Professionals with international data; the largest and best annual fraud conference in the world; the list goes on. The Report also includes initiatives we are rolling out in 2011, such as the ACFE Advisory Council and an enhanced Career Center on

Another great aspect of the Report is the ACFE member profiles we’ve included. Read about Ashley Busa, CFE, and Boyd Foster, CFE, and learn about their journeys to become professional fraud fighters. Also, one of the coolest new things about this year’s report is an embedded video interview with another CFE, Corey Costa. Corey sat down with us at the 21st ACFE Fraud Conference & Exhibition in Washington, D.C., last year to discuss how membership and the CFE credential have helped him along the way. Having his video interview available in the report truly adds a multimedia element to it.

I hope ACFE members enjoy reading the 2010 Report to Members as much as we enjoyed creating it. I’m already looking forward to next year’s edition.

Download the 2010 Report to Membershere.