5 Reasons to Join Your Local ACFE Chapter

The first ACFE chapter was formed in 1989 in Austin, Texas, just one year after the organization opened its doors in a historic three-story house in the heart of downtown Austin. The first officers were Ed Martin, president, Don Cox, vice president, and Bill Charboneau, secretary/treasurer. What began as one chapter more than 20 years ago has now turned into a group of more than 130 worldwide. Because of the leadership of ACFE members like Martin, Cox and Charboneau, chapters have played an important role in the lives of CFEs.

Below are five reasons to join your local ACFE chapter:

  1. Network: network with other fraud fighters; participate in local programs and events that promote anti-fraud awareness.
  2. Earn CPE: local chapters hold breakfast, lunch or dinner meetings with a speaker generally lasting one to two hours. Ask questions and gain valuable information you can apply to your job. Chapters also conduct full-day seminars offering a range of speakers and topics.
  3. Learn and mentor: chapter membership is made up of fraud fighters from all backgrounds and with all different levels of experience. You can learn from the best or mentor the next generation.
  4. Get involved in your community: become more personally involved in the anti-fraud profession through training that also meets the needs of the local community.
  5. Lead the way: hone your leadership skills by serving on the chapter Board of Directors or speaking at chapter events.

To locate a chapter near you or to find out how to establish one, go here.