What Does it Mean to be a Regent?


Tiffany Couch, CFE, CPA/CFF
Principal at Acuity Forensics

What does it mean to be a Regent? This simple question was recently posed to me, but I found that answering it was anything but simple. However, there is a recurring word that best describes my experience as a Regent: Deep, as in profound and meaningful.

  • Deeper Connections. Connecting with long-time colleagues and meeting new ones is the best part of my job, especially during the annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference. Being recognized as a Regent (how can you miss us with the big shiny medallion hanging around our necks?!) allows for new connections to be made easily.
  • Deeper Understanding. Did you know that fellow ACFE members span the globe, including countries most of us have never heard of (e.g. Benin, in West Africa)? And our numbers continue to grow year after year? Did you know that the ACFE and the Board of Regents takes our credential and its outlook in the professional community seriously, including the unfortunate position of investigating breaches of the ACFE Code of Professional Conduct? Understanding the depth and breadth of this organization makes me even more proud to be a Certified Fraud Examiner.
  • Deeply Honored. To be recognized by my professional peers as a leader in the field and asked to represent the membership at this level is truly an honor. I’m grateful for the recognition and the experience. 

The best part of the ACFE Board of Regents (and our collective membership) is the fact that we are an interesting bunch — from teachers to lawyers, accountants to law enforcement officers, our backgrounds are varied and interesting. Yet we all have the same deep commitment to detect and prevent fraud. What we can learn from each other and the heights to which our professional credential can rise are truly limitless.

As a Regent, I highly encourage you to take a few minutes’ time to research the individuals on this year’s slate of nominees and make an educated choice for the individual in which you want to be represented. Casting your vote is an important way for you to exercise your right as an ACFE member and to have a voice in the direction of the organization.

Go ahead, dig deep. Find the time on that busy calendar of yours and cast your vote today!