Save Your Organization a Headache by Stopping Fraud Before It Happens


Anti-fraud professionals know that while it’s best to catch fraud as soon as possible, it’s even better to stop fraud before it happens — which is why active fraud prevention is a critical part of anti-fraud strategies for organizations of any size. Some people may still be afraid to talk about fraud, believing that if they raise the topic, employees will suddenly become inspired to attempt to commit fraud, or that employees will think the reason it has been brought up is because a large fraud has just taken place. However, discussing fraud openly with employees is a great way to help prevent it.

A great time to talk about fraud prevention within your organization and in your community is during International Fraud Awareness Week (Fraud Week), November 17-23, 2019. The week-long campaign encourages business leaders and employees to proactively take steps to minimize the impact of fraud by promoting anti-fraud awareness and education.

Here are five things you can do right now to get your Fraud Week plans underway:

  1. Register as an Official Supporter: Register as an Official Supporter prior to Fraud Week and host training opportunities, distribute anti-fraud information or promote anti-fraud activities during the week.

  2. Download free Fraud Week resources: It does not cost any money to be a supporter of Fraud Week and we encourage you to use any of the free resources we’ve provided to help bolster your anti-fraud activities. We’ve revamped the Fraud Week social media badges and have a fresh design for the official supporter badge. You can put the supporter badge on your chapter website or in your email signature to show that you support fraud awareness.

  3. Print out the Fraud Prevention Checklist: We have created a new Fraud Prevention Checklist you can post in common areas of your organization or community to begin discussions about fraud prevention with your peers. We will roll out new animated videos you can share online or in presentations that delve into different fraud topics.

  4. Challenge Your Coworkers to Take the Fraud Knowledge Quiz: If you’re feeling up for a game, challenge your colleagues, friends or family to take the fraud knowledge quiz and compare scores.

  5. Submit your Fraud Week events: Remember to submit any events your chapter or organization is holding to the events page so we can help promote them.

No matter how you choose to use this year’s Fraud Week, any work you do will help to reduce and mitigate fraud risk.