National Post Editor: Globalization of Fraud Calls for a Globalization of Law Enforcement


Diane Francis, bestselling author, Editor-at-Large at The National Post and keynote speaker at the upcoming 2015 ACFE Canadian Fraud Conference in Ottawa, August 30-September 2

What role do you think the media currently plays in combating fraud?

The role of media, unfortunately, is shrinking as budgets, space and personnel shrink. There are some important think tanks and NGOs, plus other organizations in this space, who are compiling data, providing transparency and advising police, fraud investigators, corporations and governments about wrongdoing.

Personal finance frauds are fortunately still relatively well-reported wherever the legal system is politicized and transparent, as in the West. But elsewhere problems exist, and the grim reality is that the globalization of fraud is a potentially disastrous situation. Crimes in one jurisdiction could always be hidden or successful if borders were placed between the crime, victims and perpetrators. Now with borders gone and broadband everywhere, cybercrime, money transfers, bitcoin structures and other innovations are facilitating fraud on a scale that's historically unheard of.

More international cooperation and collaboration is essential, and conferences and organizations like the ACFE are critical to achieving both.

What is unique about the group of fraud-fighters you will address in Ottawa?

This is the world's largest anti-fraud organization and it connects jurisdictions, specialties and agendas in a unique way through its conferences and other educational content. I have written three of my 10 books on white-collar crime, notably fraud and money laundering, and retain an abiding interest in the topics because of their importance not only to economies but to societies worldwide.

What do you most hope attendees will take away from your address?

Warning signs and the need to push for the globalization of law enforcement.

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