New Year's Resolution #1: Enhance the Member Experience


There is not one decision we make here at the ACFE that doesn’t involve asking ourselves, “What does this mean for our members?” When we redesigned a couple of years ago, we got stuck on a few design options, so we went to our experts, our members, to tell us what looked best. When we created a new welcome packet for members, we sent drafts to our members so they could tell us what was most user-friendly and beneficial. When we needed speaker and topic suggestions for our seminars, events and courses, our members were the first people we asked for ideas.

The decisions to improve the CFE Exam application and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) certification processes this year are no different. In 2014, we will move the CFE Exam application process from a paper-driven process to an easy-to-use electronic process. The new exam application process will allow applicants to track the progress of their exam application, upload documentation directly to us and view messages from the Certification department on what actions are needed.

We also plan to help existing CFEs, not just those about to become CFEs. In 2014, we will be rolling out a CPE online portal for CFEs to track online the CPE credits they’ve earned. They can use this feature to upload documentation and certify compliance for the CFE once the proper amount of credits has been earned.

“We’re always thinking about our members and how we can improve their interactions with us, improve their professional lives and make things easier,” said Ross Pry, CFE, ACFE Director of Membership. “We have a firm belief that our members are everything and we thrive on working with them. I’m confident these new tools will save them time and make their membership mean even more.”

You can expect to see these changes roll out in the coming months. We hope that these improvements save you time, and most of all, allow you to take the CFE Exam and keep up with your CPE in the most efficient ways possible.