Resolution #3: More Courses in More Cities


My favorite part about being on the tennis team in high school was traveling to play schools in different cities. It wasn’t just about playing a match on a different court; it was also about the long and bumpy bus ride, the crowded hotel rooms and the new relationships formed over a shared love of the game. Fraud fighters share a similar “love of the game.” It isn’t only about seeing someone go to jail or hearing a judgment in your favor; it’s about the journey to justice, the evidence uncovered and the victory of exposing a fraud or stopping it in its tracks.

In 2014, fraud fighters will have the opportunity to learn new skills and expand their existing skillset, connect with peers and discover the latest anti-fraud tools during more events in more cities. With increasing challenges ahead this year and additional members in more cities, there are even greater opportunities for us to help you perfect your game.

Here are some of the new courses we will host and new places we will go in 2014:


25th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference
San Antonio; June 15-20

Asia-Pacific Region

Bribery and Corruption
Hong Kong; January 20-21
Jakarta; August 25-26

Conducting Internal Investigations
Auckland; February 13-14

Professional Interviewing Skills
Sydney; February 17-18

Using Data Analytics to Detect Fraud
Singapore; April 24-25

Fraud Risk Management
Kuala Lumpur; August 20-21


2014 ACFE European Fraud Conference
Amsterdam; March 23-25

Financial Statement Fraud
London; August 18-19

We look forward to seeing you more in 2014! You can find a full list of upcoming seminars at