Maintaining Strong Ethical Culture is All in a Day's Work


Dora Gomez, CFE, Global Fraud Officer, AXA Tech 
Jersey City, N.J.

Dora Gomez, CFE, a native New Yorker, began an early passion for travel, thanks to her parents, and was even a DJ for four years during college. But it was Gomez's passion for fighting fraud that led her to her current position as Global Fraud Officer at AXA Tech.

Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Brooklyn, New York, a first-generation American to Ecuadorian parents. I grew up in a multi-cultural neighborhood, which taught me to build friendships with people of other ethnicities. I also learned to love an array of international foods, which I appreciate to this day. At heart, I am still a true New Yorker.   

How did you become passionate about fighting fraud?

I think I always had the "bug" inside of me to fight fraud. When I worked in public accounting and internal audit I was exposed some cases of fraud and learned how to spot the signs of fraud. It’s vital for the company to have strong ethical principles where employees feel empowered to speak up when something seems wrong. It’s not just about the company’s reputation, it also about working for a company we feel proud to be a part of.

What is your personal motto?

Take risks in life, be confident, and don’t underestimate yourself. I learned that during an expat assignment in Paris. Not only was it an eye opener to learn how the company functioned at the headquarter level, but I also learned about the French culture and those of other European countries. I overcame obstacles (not speaking French, making new friends, working with new colleagues, etc.) but tackled them and learned from that experience. The only constants that I brought with me were my two small dogs … that also learned to bark in French!

What do you consider your greatest achievement to date?

I don’t know if I can actually name one great achievement. I think I did pretty well in my career and personal life for a middle class ‘kid’ from Brooklyn, NY. Let’s face it, being a minority and a woman has its challenges and tackling them requires persistence and determination. I have overcome many obstacles in life (both personal and work related), and I am proud and happy with the person I am today.

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