New Year's Resolution #3: Continue to Go Mobile


There are a handful of things I rarely leave home without: my wallet, my keys, my cell phone and my daughter. And, yes, those are listed in ascending order of importance. There are even days when making it out of the house with all four seems impossible, but thank goodness it is usually the first three that I end up searching for the most before heading out the door. Who knows? Maybe in a few decades my cell phone will be all I need to access my credit cards, keys, contacts and…baby. Maybe not.

We know your lists are pretty short when it comes to the vital things you need to start and finish your day. That is why in 2012, we created a few mobile resources for you to access while bustling from meeting to boardroom to home and back again. In July, we offered members a new Fraud Magazine mobile application (app) to make reading the bimonthly publication as easy as possible. The free app, available for the iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones, gives you complete access to the current issue as well as multiple back issues of the magazine directly on your favorite mobile device.

In September, we launched a new monthly podcast, Fraud Talk, to give you case studies and news you could hear and download from anywhere you have Internet access. We wanted to offer a free tool for you to use when commuting, traveling or driving. We also wanted to give you archives that you could access when most convenient for you and your schedule.

And, we are now excited to announce that in the next few months we will unveil a new ACFE app to make maintaining and accessing your ACFE membership even easier. The app will give you access to your ACFE account information, anti-fraud resources currently only available on and the ability to purchase training materials and register for events.

With ACFE membership mobile options you don’t have to remember another thing to add to your short list every morning. Stay tuned tomorrow for our #2 New Year’s Resolution for 2013!