ACFE Launches New Monthly Podcast Series, Fraud Talk


Mandy Moody
ACFE Social Media Specialist

Trying to define a podcast to my mom was like trying to show my grandma how to use the DVR for the first time: challenging, to say the least. So, I decided to simplify it for her. I told her it is like listening to your favorite radio morning show, but you don’t have to deal with the annoying ads or the constant preteen requests for the latest Justin Bieber song. What you do get is a dedicated 10-20 minutes of relevant dialogue about a topic you care about; a story you can’t wait to hear the end of; and a mobile resource you can download and listen to anywhere. These are the benefits we hope you enjoy when you listen to our new monthly podcast, Fraud Talk.

One of the biggest requests we consistently hear from members is an interest in more case studies. This month, in response, we dedicated a full Fraud Magazine issue exclusively to case studies and decided to dissect one in our inaugural podcast. In these sessions we want you to not only hear the details of how a fraud went down, but also the ways it was discovered and the lessons learned.

In our first episode, we talked to Jay Dawdy, CFE, CMA, and president of Gryphon Strategies in New York, about a case he contributed to our new Bribery and Corruption Casebook. He will take you inside a fraudulent purchasing and billing scheme at a small business and break down each step of the process, from suspicion to litigation. The cool part about Jay’s story, though, is that he and fellow investigator, Angela Clancy, CA, didn’t stop at a conviction. At the request of the business owner, Jay and Angela went after the money and in the end recovered $3 million of the original $4.4 million lost to fraud.

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