United, We Advance



James D. Ratley

ACFE President and CEO

I always return from the Annual ACFE Fraud Conference and Exhibition with a sense of wonder. Last month in San Diego we demonstrated - for the 22nd time! - the depth and diversity of our global membership.

Anyone who has been to an ACFE "family gathering" knows what I mean. We embraced longtime friends and welcomed nearly as many new ones as we developed valuable relationships while updating critical skills. That California sunshine did not hurt either.

Of course, the annual conference is not the only time we get together each year. All the ACFE's training events provide opportunities to meet our peers in person and advance our careers. In fact, speaking with you face to face is my favorite way of discovering how the ACFE is meeting your needs.

But it does not stop there; every day, members collaborate in virtual environments. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the ACFE website join us together in a 24/7/365 community.

The ACFE is steadily growing; our membership is now more than 55,000. Our formidable body of knowledge, which continues to expand, benefits all members and those who depend on us. Although fraudsters respect no boundaries, CFEs in 138 chapters in nations across the globe are always on guard against them.


Tweets and headlines confront us with ongoing news of rampant corruption. We shine sorely needed light into the dark, unethical corners of business and government to deter and detect fraud. However, amid faster-than-ever social, political and technological change, governments and industries — and those of us who work in them — are expected to do more with less. For example, the U.K. Bribery Act has just become effective. Yet at the same time, there is word that Britain’s budget woes might diminish funding to enforce the new legislation.

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