Keynote Speakers Announced for 22nd Annual ACFE Fraud Conference & Exhibition


Kerrie Metschan
ACFE Event Marketing Manager

Record breaking cold temperatures had us bundled up at the ACFE headquarters in Austin, Texas, diligently putting the final touches on an Annual Conference that will go down in ACFE history. After weathering one of the coldest winters to date, we look to our upcoming 22nd Annual ACFE Fraud Conference and Exhibition, June 12-17, with heightened enthusiasm, as we dream of beautiful, sunny and always pleasantly warm San Diego, Calif.

Some of the most exciting highlights will be the inspiring and relevant keynote speakers:

  • John Walsh, host of America’s Most Wanted, will share how he channeled the most painful event of his life into a mission that would change law enforcement, legislation and television as we know it.
  • Lanny Breuer, Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division of the Justice Department, will bring the tenacity of a national leader to this year’s conference and share insights on a range of federal law enforcement priorities.
  • Joan Pastor, Ph.D., President, JPA International, Inc. will provide a comprehensive model and approach to addressing fraud that allowed her to uncover numerous embezzlement and other fraudulent schemes over the years.
  • Dr. Howard M. Schilit, Author, and widely known as “The Sherlock Holmes of Accounting,” will arm you with his investigative tactics to allow you to identify the causes and early warning signs of accounting tricks in public filing.

We look forward to motivating and inspiring attendees to charge forward with new insights and knowledge from the conference that began in San Diego 21 years ago.

Speaking of ACFE history, we are excited to announce our first-ever Annual Photo Contest. For anyone who has attended a previous ACFE Annual Conference and captured some special moments, we invite you to enter your photos for a chance to win a Flip Digital Camera. To submit your photos and to learn more about our contest, go here.

We hope to capture some great moments with you in San Diego this year! Stay tuned for more annual updates, as I will be blogging every month leading up to the ACFE Annual Fraud Conference.