Cyber Attacks and Insider Threats in a New World


Interview with James J. Butterworth, CFE, CGIA, GSNA, GREM, EnCE
CSO - HBGary, Inc.
Former Electronic Warfare/Cryptologist with the U.S. Navy
Featured speaker at this month’s ACFE webinar, “Threats in the Age of Wikileaks” on Oct. 27 at 2 p.m. EDT

Why is addressing this topic so vital right now?

2011 has been a benchmark year in the exploitive and intrusive nature of cyber attacks. No longer content to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, or to simply deface a website, attackers have opened a new chapter in the history book by pursuing sensitive information for the sake of transparency. This runs counter to a corporation’s legal right to protect their information, business processes and intellectual property. 

How do you see information storage on “the cloud” influencing the vulnerability of digital information?

A corporation cannot protect what they do not possess within their sphere of control.  It must be understood and subsequently debated, “What is a cloud provider's legal obligation when considering claims of negligent enablement?" Is there a precedent to compel service providers to demonstrate tighter control over third-party digital assets in the cloud?

What will attendees take away with them after attending? What will they be able to implement immediately?

They will talk away with the knowledge of recent tendencies of cyber terrorist groups to plan and carry out operations for other than honorable agendas, as well as knowledge of how these operations are communicated, planned, shared, by whom and for what purpose. Being aware of these methods will enable CFEs to focus on internal audits for signs of insider threats. Many of the members of recent groups have come from the inside, clearly demonstrating a brazen shift in the measures they will go to support an agenda.

Find out more about Butterworth’s upcoming webinar Oct. 27 at 2 p.m. EDT here.