The Fight Against Fraud Goes Global


Mandy Moody, ACFE Social Media Specialist

Fraud conferences in Japan and South Africa lead the way for international anti-fraud professionals

This past fall, the fight against fraud crossed international boundaries when the ACFE South Africa Chapter and ACFE Japan hosted fraud conferences in their respective countries. As the third annual conference for the South Africa Chapter and the first-ever for ACFE Japan, both highlighted relevant fraud trends like the importance of risk management, fraud prevention on a global scale and the role of the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) in the auditing function.

“Both of these events highlighted the increasingly global nature of the anti-fraud profession,” Scott Grossfeld, CFE, CPA and ACFE CEO, said. “Their success and the interest that the fraud conferences sparked reinforce the ACFE as the premier provider of education, training and networking to fraud fighters worldwide.”

Africa’s Premier Anti-Fraud Event

The ACFE’s South Africa Chapter hosted its third annual South Africa Fraud Conference in Johannesburg, Sept. 13-15, 2010. The conference attracted attendees from not only South Africa, but from places all over Africa like Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya and Nigeria. With session titles such as, “Business Unusual: Dealing with Fraud and its Aftermath in a World Where the Rules Have Changed” and “Benchmarking Your Fraud Risk Management Strategies,” more than 500 attendees received the latest fraud education, participated in workshops and training, and networked with fraud professionals from different functions and locations.

“In the current economic climate the numbers we attracted were impressive, especially taking into consideration that there are a number of similar events available in the market,” Susan Swart, ACFE South Africa Chapter operations manager, said. “We are pleased that the event attracted a large number of non-members. It was the ideal opportunity to introduce the ACFE, and we had a high percentage of new members joining as a direct result.”

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