Forensic Auditor Gains Worldwide Recognition with Fraud Certification


Muna Dora Buchahin Abulhosn, CFE, CGAP, CICA, MA
Director General of Forensic Audit
Superior Audit Office of Mexico Mexico City, Mexico

From the second Muna Dora Buchahin Abulhosn, CFE, CGAP, CICA, MA, Director General of Forensic Audit, steps into the Superior Audit Office of Mexico, there is only one thing on her mind: the progress of her division’s ongoing forensic audits. Abulhosn’s diligence and passion for her job is what led her to earn her CFE credential, an achievement she considered a requirement for her professional development.

Describe your job function (a day in the life of):
As head of the forensic audit office, I organize and supervise all activities aimed at reviewing accounts using several types of forensic audits. We process complaints and carry out forensic audits aimed at documenting and demonstrating frauds perpetrated by public officers or third parties using public resources like suppliers or contractors. We also examine misconduct perpetrated either by omissions or actions and considered as criminal offences.

What made you decide to become a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)?
I decided I needed this international certification because it would give me worldwide recognition regarding deterrence, prevention, detection and investigation of frauds, and would be an added value to my professional career. I was interested in acquiring and promoting professional excellence in the fields of auditing, internal controls and fraud examination, deterrence and prevention. It also represented a personal challenge that required my dedication, while keeping me in touch with specialists focused on fields that are currently prominent within the auditing function. It would have been inconsistent for me to want more in my professional life and do nothing about it.

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