Behind the Scenes: Highlights from the ACFE Pac Rim Fraud Conference


Allan Bachman, CFE, ACFE Education Manager

G’day from the 2010 ACFE Pacific Rim Fraud Conference. Though the weather was unseasonably rainy and cloudy, the conference was exceptionally sunny.

Speakers from Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and the United States presented the latest in fraud detection and prevention to anti-fraud professionals from many Asian countries.

Robert Cockerell, one of the most highly-rated speakers from last year’s Pacific Rim conference, began Sunday’s Pre-Conference with a session on Advanced Interviewing. Cockerell used video clips to show the audience the intricate subtleties in hearing what people are saying, and sometimes not saying, in interviews.

Dr. Russell Smith kicked off the Main Conference on Monday with his presentation on financial crimes in Australia and New Zealand to a sold-out crowd. Dr. Smith, the featured interviewee in the recent Fraud Magazine cover story, “Fraud Down Under,” was pleased with the session and expressed a favorable impression of the conference, commenting on its broad scope and excellent organization. He was grateful for the invite and said he was happy to bring a heightened awareness of the ACFE to the Australian Institute of Criminology where he is principal criminologist. It was a joy to meet with him, and I hope to be able to work with him and his organization again in the future.

What can I say about the Melbourne chapter volunteers Geoff Crawford, Roger Darvall-Stevens and Duncan Stuart? They have been more than generous, and have offered experience and guidance to help this conference in ways which have benefited all attendees.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this conference the success that is was! Now, on to planning for the 22nd Annual Fraud Conference & Exhibition in San Diego next June!